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by the good people at MACRO

Jun 4, 2024


It’s gonna be a hot summer. We tapped a panel of music experts to discuss which song(s) will sizzle from June to August.

UpRising: Why are summer anthems so culturally significant?

Irie (Miami Heat DJ): In the summer, you get to do things you couldn't do any other time of year—especially depending on where you live. Vacations, get-togethers, barbecues, hanging out with friends, road tripping. You look forward to summer, but then it's also like, “Yo, what are we banging?” Summer is a very special time for music. There’s always at least one song that emerges as that summer anthem. 

Bryan Michael-Cox (Songwriter/Producer/Senior Vice President of A&R at LVRN): Everybody feels uplifted. It's warm in most places. Kids are out of school, so they're defining their summertime moments. I could think of certain summers and songs that were so popular. Amerie’s “Why Don't We Fall in Love” sounded like the summer. It defined summer 2002.


Cam’ron’s Sports Commentary Is Solid But His Situational Raps Are Box Office


The Dipset general's art of rhyme is a skill that other pundits can't replicate.

Anthony Edwards had to know Cam'ron would clap back. But maybe he wasn't quite prepared for the delivery.

The Minnesota Timberwolves guard recently appeared in an Adidas commercial where he responds to doubts about how high the shooting star can soar. "He's an all-star, but not a superstar yet," reads one quote from Cam, printed on a faux receipt for Ant's recordkeeping. "Fuck buddy," the 22 year old counters.

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