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This Is What It'd Sound Like If Snowfall’s Franklin Saint Rapped

Updated: Mar 25


Skyzoo is a rapper’s rapper—a grade-A wordsmith who, aside from his own sterling catalog, has quietly ghostwritten for some legit superstars. He also happens to be a whole stan of FX’s Snowfall, the John Singleton-created crime drama that depicts the 1980s explosion of crack-cocaine in South Central, Los Angeles. Last year, ahead of the iconic series’ final season, the Brooklyn MC released The Mind of a Saint, an introspective 10-song album (produced by The Other Guys) that taps into the psyche of protagonist Franklin Saint (played by M88's own Damson Idris) without playing like an audio CliffsNotes.

Now that Snowfall’s story has wrapped, Skyzoo is back with a re-up.

Next week (date TBD), he’s dropping the album’s deluxe edition like a brick: six new songs to reflect the wild, wild events of the final season. “I couldn’t sit still watching the last episode,” Skyzoo tells UpRising. “The moment the episode ended, my notifications were like, ‘Alright Saint, let’s go!’ I couldn’t sleep that night because I had so many ideas.”

The first taste of this thrilling follow-up is “Give You Anything,” an audio kite to those in Franklin’s circle—the people who he loved, and hurt, the most. Peep the song’s music video above (or maybe don’t, if you still have the final season in your queue) and look out for Skyzoo’s grand finale soon.


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