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Three Social Media Follows You Won’t Regret


Nicki Minaj on stage
@naturallymelonie is overflowing with hilarious content

Let these pages fortify your timelines

(@naturallymelonie IG/TikTok): Melo has carved out her niche by serving up hilariously relatable content about romantic relationships (alongside her equally funny partner, Chase). But she’s reached new levels of laughter with her recent clips poking fun at the civil war that’s dominated hip-hop over the past several weeks. From the drawn-on goatee to the exaggerated head bobbing to the lyrical breakdowns, they’ll have you cracking up.

@kiranxkajal (IG): Kiran slays like she’s fighting dragons. The beauty, fashion, and lifestyle creator serves face and endless looks on her feed, complete with top-notch video transitions and edits. Yes, she’s based in Alaska, but she’ll bring heat to your timeline—which is exactly why MACRO recently highlighted her as a creator to watch. You follow?

@somejazzplaying_ (IG): New Jersey rapper, poet, producer, and singer MoRuf is a jazz aficionado. He also has a penchant for the most chaotic clips you’ve ever seen circulating social media. Here, those two loves collide, with every post—as the handle suggests—featuring music by the likes of John Coltrane, Roy Hargrove, or Herbie Hancock. It’s the best kind of cognitive dissonance.


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