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Three Social Media Follows You Won't Regret


Aisha Ruperto is a professional chef who mixes comedy with her culinary skill.

Let these pages fortify your timelines

@foodgotmewasted (IG/TikTok): Aisha Ruperto is a professional chef who doesn't take herself too seriously in the kitchen. She’ll show off her rapid no-look knife skills to the sounds of a spicy rap playlist. Shed real tears while chopping onions. Stand on countertops and summon the spirit of Kobe Bryant while launching pickles across the room into a bowl. But despite how outlandish the process, her dishes will make your mouth water. The fact that she kinda looks like Ciara doesn’t hurt, either.

@_itsjust_camm (IG/TikTok): Meet your new music curator. Allow Cam Sullivan-Brown to put you on to nostalgic throwbacks, fresh mashups, groovy instrumentals, and international bangers that break language barriers—all while singing and pantomiming along. 

@jadeandjadah (IG/TikTok): These two Howard University students have found their niche by imitating the viral clips we all know and love—hilariously in-sync in speech, gestures, and expressions. From Antoine Dodson to Kanye West to Friday After Next, no video is safe. Questlove put it best: “This level of ventriloquism is UNMATCHED.”


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