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by the good people at MACRO

May 20, 2024

  I'M BUSY  

The entertainment executive, photographer, and TV host speaks about how he blesses his diverse projects and passions

UpRising: You’re a man who’s worn many hats over the course of a long career in entertainment; the latest is hosting the Prime Video special Hip Hop World. How did this production come together and what was it like being in front of the camera for a change?

Lenny S.: It was great. I prefer to be behind the scenes as I've been for the last three decades, whether it’s photography, A&Ring, promotion, [or being a] music executive in general. I believe I was put on this earth to help others make their dreams come true. And I love that role. So for something like this, which is not the norm, I thought it was cool. It wasn't the intention at first. My partner Jason [Offor] and I were shopping a show that was a take on Anthony Bourdain, just mixing hip-hop culture and going to different countries abroad and seeing what the culture is like, whether music, food, or fashion.


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