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Jul 15, 2024

Shondrella Avery Is the Unsung Hero of Napoleon Dynamite


The actress who became iconic as LaFawnduh Lucas reflects on the cult classic’s legacy, 20 years later

UpRising: How did you get cast for Napoleon Dynamite?

Shondrella Avery: I
was doing a show called Girls Behaving Badly, doing pranks across America. My agent called and said there was a part that was available. No money, but the breakdown sounded like me: five-foot-10 African-American woman, full body, shapely. There was no one else in Hollywood that looked like me at the time; I don't still think there [is]. He sent me the script. I thought either this was the funniest movie I had ever read or I was the corniest Black person I knew. Probably was a little bit of both. I met with Jory Weitz, who was casting. The moment he saw me, he was like, “My God. If you can act as good as you look, you are LaFawnduh.” I was like, “Well, baby, that's not a problem.” Two days later, the gentlemen flew in from Utah. I said, “Where's my baby, Kip?” He was right there, flush red. 


Three Social Media Follows You Won’t Regret


Let these pages fortify your timelines

@kamedwards_ (IG/TikTok): Kameron Edwards lives a double life. Some recognize him as the comedy content creator whose sketches hilariously imagine outrageous reactions to attention-seeking behavior. (Example: “How people who are always busy expect us to react.”) Others know him as an NBA G-League baller who most recently suited up for the Ontario Clippers. That’s what we call a double double!

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