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Office Hours: Here’s a Major Key to Crafting a Screenplay That Sells


President of MACRO Film Studios James Lopez shares what he looks for in a winning script

What makes for a good screenplay? That's a question that's going to be answered differently by every single person you talk to in this business. For me, a good screenplay holds my attention the entire read. There are so many distractions now with social media and phones. It's very easy to get distracted on weekends when you're reading scripts. It's rare that one comes across where it really is gripping. It holds you. It makes you feel all the emotions while reading it. It transports you to the location and places in which the screenplay is written. It makes you visualize characters. It has you even thinking about casting, [wondering] what actors could play those roles.

When I'm fully engrossed in reading a script, I'm thinking of all those things. It's really engaging all my senses, whether it's what the character is wearing, what they look like, or how the director would execute it. Just visualizing everything that's on the page. Those, to me, are the best ones. 


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