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Find Your Joy

Updated: Feb 13


Our joy is our revolution.

BLACK SHIT is back, and this week we are inviting you to find and define your joy with us. BIPOC joy is THE THING that will save us. We must continue to walk in it, share our wins, and bask in the little things that create joy in our lives. Below, you'll find an assortment of POC brands, artists, exhibits etc. that will make your joy come to life. Let's do this.

Liberate is a subscription-based meditation app with practices and talks designed for the Black community. Liberate has curated content from 40+ BIPOC teachers with a diverse backgrounds in lineage, perspective, and approach so that everyone can find a practice in their unique voice. Say it with me: culturally relevant practices are essential for healing.

Tonight is the last night of A Moment in Time, a deeply personal solo exhibition by the Grammy-nominated, visionary artist Blitz Bazawule. The exhibition is the first major visual project since the artist co-directed Beyonce’s Black Is King in 2020, and follows the news of Bazawule’s role as director of Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple musical. The genesis of the series was inspired by the artist’s’ memories of the faded black-and-white photos that lined the walls of his childhood home in Ghana— images of his family elegantly dressed in their Sunday best that stirred a deep sense of nostalgia, which then grew to a strong desire to bring those moments back to life.



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