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Cam’ron’s Sports Commentary Is Solid But His Situational Raps Are Box Offices


Cam'Ron's response raps are his superpower on It Is What It Is.

The Dipset general's art of rhyme is a skill that other pundits can't replicate.

Anthony Edwards had to know Cam'ron would clap back. But maybe he wasn't quite prepared for the delivery.

The Minnesota Timberwolves guard recently appeared in an Adidas commercial where he responds to doubts about how high the shooting star can soar. "He's an all-star, but not a superstar yet," reads one quote from Cam, printed on a faux receipt for Ant's recordkeeping. "Fuck buddy," the 22 year old counters.

On the set of his It Is What It Is podcast (co-hosted with rapper and childhood friend Mase), the Harlem rapper turned talking head fired back in a way you're not likely to see on First Take, Pardon the Interruption, or Inside the NBA: He put his response in a rhyme. "The fuck wrong with Ant-Man?" Killa Cam raps, before name-dropping the players who ended the T'wolves' season. "Kyrie Irving with the shit, don’t get crossed up/Shooters, pardon that’s just my own thoughts/Luka, I send you home on your home court.”

Cam has always been a rhyme animal. And he still has more bars than Mars, Inc.—he similarly opened his podcast's third and fourth seasons with freestyles. It's a flex that broadcast icons like Stephen A. Smith, Charles Barkley, Shannon Sharpe, or Shaquille O'Neal (respectfully) can't match, and just another flavor that makes It Is What It Is such delicious content. The hilarious banter and intriguing opinions are the main draw, but the occasional raps are the icing on top. Pause.


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